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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Our Favorite Board Books

If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all. -- Oscar Wilde

We read to Emerson everyday and sometimes it's the same book over and over. Why? Because, well, she likes some books more than others. As do we.

Girlfriend loves being read to so much she will bring a book to us and then proceed to sit in our lap so we can read to her. Over the last year we've read a few book more than others.

Anytime I'm at Target I always browse the book section. You never know when you'll catch a great sale. I recently purchased The Biggest Kiss for Valentine's Day and Little Blue Truck board book just because!

Anyway, below are a few favorites from the last year.

baby/toddler books
Giraffes Can't Dance | The Big Hungry Bear | Brown Bear, Brown Bear

We're always on the hunt for new books. Leave a comment with you favorite kids book. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Emerson Quinn | Twelve Months

It's been a whirlwind of a year, but we survived our first year as parents! Our little girl is equal parts sweet and sassy and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Height + Weight | I really have no idea, but maybe 23-25 lbs and 30 ish inches!

Health | She's a healthy little girl. We're cutting 4 molars ....yes all at the same time. poor girl.

Sleep | With the molars coming in her sleep has been a bit off. While she mostly sleeps through the night 3 [ish] nights a week she might wake up between 3 and 5 a.m. We give her a bottle and she goes right back to sleep.

Eat | Loves EVERYTHING! She mostly feeds herself. We give her whatever we're eating [i.e., salmon, broccoli, chicken, berries, hard boiled eggs, etc.]

Wear | 12 -18 months depending on brand. We're loving GAP's spring line.

Social | We slowed down after the Holiday's, but she loves seeing her friends when she goes to the nanny. We also get out and walk the dog often.

Milestones | 

+ Even more expressive [Ohhhhhh] which is so cute. She's a chatty kathy -- Ma-ma, uh-oh, da-da
+ upgraded to a new carseat
+ started wearing shoes regularly
+ feeding herself 100% of the time.
+ practically running
+ drinking goats/whole milk
+ working on baby sign language
+ started giving up the evil eye which is hilarious
+ went her her friend Wyatt's 1st birthday party

Postpartum | Rocking at life.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Be My Valentine

Happy Feb. 1!

Valentine's Day is 14 days away! Are you ready? My husband and I typically don't exchange gifts. Instead we do something active outside and cook a nice meal at home. No, I don't know what I'm making yet. I've actually been on the hunt for tasty Paleo desserts. Any suggestions?

Anyway, if we were to exchange gifts I pulled together a few things I wouldn't mind the hubby surprising me with. Just going to say it -- this is a pretty random list, but of course it's not complete without a few workout items.


Yup, random list -- but I think I covered all the bases. Personally I could do without chocolates and would prefer a plant verse flowers. However, that's just me and I might just gift myself a new pair of leggings and a book just because.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

Friday, January 29, 2016

Mini Me #GAPStyle

Emerson turned 1 today! Her party is a week away and I'm busy planning. However, some how I got side tracked and sucked into GAP. It's amazing how that happens.

I know all the girl mamas can relate when I say GAP's spring line is on point. Oh, the rompers, cute dresses, bathing suits, etc. I can't help myself from wanting to buy everything!

GAP/Spring Toddler

While I haven't hit purchase yet, I'm definitely going to pick up a few pieces. Maybe for her Easter basket ;) Speaking of baskets I still need to order her one. I spaced last year, oops. Anyway I'm eying this and this one from PBK.

Back to all things cute and GAP...

Per usual, Gap is having a major sale. Kids & Baby Sale - Up to 40% off everything + extra 20% off [CODE: KBTREAT]. Restrictions Apply Exp. 01/30/2016

Don't forget to shop through Ebates too and receive an additional 2% cash back! Not using Ebates sign up HERE.

Happy Shopping:

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bar Review

Through my ambassadorship with FitApproach, I was given the opportunity to review Manitoba Harvest’s new Hemp Heart Bars. This post was sponsored by Manitoba Harvest and Fit Approach. As always opinions 100% my own.

I don't know about you, but I'm picky when it comes to protein bars. So whenever I have a chance to taste test a new bar I'll jump at the chance. I've had some bad ones, but then I'm had some good ones. Recently I tested out Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heat Bars - vanilla, chocolate and apple cinnamon.

I was pleasantly surprised. I had Hemp Hearts before, but I have to be in the mood. So I wan't sure what to think when I first heard about the Hemp Heart Bars.

I tried the above three flavors and while they all tasted fine, Apple Cinnamon was my favorite. Hemp just pairs nicely with fruit [IMO]. This was surprise as I thought it would be my least favorite flavor. Chocolate was a fast second. I could live without the vanilla, but then I'm more a fruit, nut  and chocolate kind of gal. Plus, there's no gross protein powder like taste like some bars have. Give it up for natural ingredients!

About Hemp Heart Bars:Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart bars are crafted with the goodness of hemp and other tasty ingredients too. They’ve whipped up three different delicious flavours to choose from: vanilla, chocolate and apple cinnamon. Each 45 gram bar contains 10 grams of plant-based protein and 10 grams of omegas, so whether you grab one for a pre-workout snack or nutrition on the go, these convenient bars are sure to get you through even your busiest day!

Of course, I gave it a Tahoe adventure test. I don't leave home without some type or bar. You never know when you'll need a snack. For instance, the other day while I was snowboarding. I didn't want to stop for lunch, but I needed a little something. The Hemp Heart Bar kept me satisfied for a few hours.

Want to try Hemp Heart Bars? See details below regarding their photo contest or buy on online and receive 15% off when using discount code HHBARLAUNCH1015 at checkout! Exp. 3/31/2016

Photo Contest: 
Tag @manitobaharvest #hempheartbar #fuelledbyhemp #sweatpink @fitapproach for a chance to win a box of your favorite flavor of Hemp Heart Bars! Photos do not need to include Manitoba Harvest products, but of course it’s fabulous if they do. [Full contest details are HERE Eligibility: open to US and Canada residents.]

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